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To: ALL Citizens World ~Wide,

The “MCS” Beacon of Hope Foundation invites you to join us, along with all our friends in support of our efforts to obtain a “World ~ Wide” Toxic Injury Awareness and Education Proclamation.

We are petitioning the President, Governors, the Senate and Congress of the United States of America, Presidents, Prime Ministers and World Leaders around the Globe to officially designate the Month of May as Toxic Injury Awareness & Education month in support of increased awareness, education, understanding and research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of Toxic Injury.

Toxic Injury (also referred to as toxic poisoning, chemical injury, environmental illness, gulf war illness, sick building syndrome and other toxically induced illnesses can affect the respiratory, central nervous, immune, musculoskeletal, porphyrin metabolism and hormone systems. Multiple symptoms are presented and chronic effects can include permanent/long standing learning disability, autism, autoimmune or neurodegenerative disease, leukemia, brain and other cancers.

Our website provides the capability to view the number and names of people from any particular town, state and/or country that have signed on in support. This information may further be used to show the need for “special” housing, schools, shelters, etc. in any given area as well as locate & identify possible health clustering issues.

As this is an ongoing petition you only need to sign once. If you are unsure whether you have already signed on in support or not,  go to: "View Signatures" then click on  "Search Signatures" and type in your name. If you have signed on it support, your name will appear in the search results. If your name does not appear, we hope you will sign and ask others to take a minute of their time to also sign on in support.  You can also search for supporters by geographic location by simply typing in a city, state or country.

Your signatures and comments to our world leaders are very important. Please take a stand and show your support ~ “Together”, we can make a positive difference!


We ask each of you to sign on individually as if a man & wife sign on as "Mr. & Mrs. Smith & our 3 children" ~ it only counts as one (1) signature and four (4) important signatures will not be counted. We seek as many signatures as possible representing the voices of each and everyone affected by Toxic Injury to help bring about a safer & healthier environment for all. A show of unity by massive numbers of signatures will help us to gain the same rights, acknowledgment, respect, support and help allotted to other illnesses & disabilities.

There is a place for you to add your comments to our world leaders, a place for your name, any title you may hold, as well as your state/providence and country and your e-mail address (email addresses will not be released to the public). If a friend without a computer wishes to sign, perhaps you will be kind enough to let them  use your computer and email address.

Through awareness and education along with the teaching and practicing of better stewardship, and implementing the precautionary principle “better safe than sorry” we can help prevent more families (perhaps your own) from having their health and lives needlessly destroyed or prematurely ended by unnecessary toxic exposures and air pollution.
IMPORTANT: Read before signing:

Please make sure you add the required information and your comments the way you want them to appear as this is an OPEN and ongoing petition for proclamation and all information is available for public viewing. Changes are NOT possible  by you or us, once you hit the submit button.

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Thanks for your signature and support!

Sincerely, your friends in Hope & Health,

Peggy, Julia & Jennifer


“MCS Beacon of Hope Foundation, a project of the Congressional District Programs – a registered 501(c)(3).”